City Walk - On one of the con days all the fluffballs will get to walk down the beautiful Lviv city, where everyone will be able to visit some great places, such as atmospheric cafes, bars and snack houses and wander down the old city streets, right after the fursuit walk.

Mafia Game - We've all seen the 'Catch Me If You Can' movie. In mafia, we don't need to make up things, but emotions and words to survive in the world of Lviv mafia. You can choose to be whoever you want in the 'Mafia' game!

Lection 'Music History' - The music has 'conquered' the world a long time ago, but have you ever wondered where all the music genres come from? This class, by a musician - Ulfrun Wolrendog, was made especially for those, who want to know the differences between the genres, or why there are so many of them.

Cinema-night - we will be able to surprise you with something new and fluffy in the film industry and this night.

Disco - If you want to shake your bones, come and we guarantee the best and most positive music that will make you not stand still.

Over time, it is possible to replenish

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