Prices by category of participants

Event Price List Guest Member Sponsor Supersponsor
Attendance fee* 700 600 1600 2100
Barbecue 200 200 V V
T-shirt/Badge 200 200 V V
Type of Hotel Room Price in ₴ (UAH)** Persons Per Room
Deluxe 1575 2
Semi Deluxe 1020 4
Single 1410 1
Double 1020 2
Triple 850 3
Four-place 810 4

Extra nights (early check-in/late check-out) add (The price above is divided into 3) ₴(UAH) to the price

* - Attendance fee is used to cover the expenses for renting halls for events, setting up a fursuit lounge, printing badges and furbooks, and props for LvivFur. Attendance fee is mandatory for all attendees (including guests) and a guarantee of their responsible approach to registration.

** - Listed prices for hotel rooms cover 3 nights for 1 person. Prices for double rooms are split into two.

All prices are listed in UAH. Prices may be changed without notice.
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