Before registering on Lvivfur you should carefully read the rules. If you’re younger than 18 - you should pay special attention to the 3rd paragraph of Lvivfur rules.

To register click “Registration” link in the menu and fill in all required fields of the registration form. All information is hidden from other users and is confidential. After some time you will receive a letter with the details of your registration and the account you must pay, as well as the details of your bank account.


On the first day of event in the main hall near reception you’ll find organizer, who is responsible for your Lvivfur registration. Please, present photo id to identify yourself, collect your member badge and stuff designated to you.
Keep in mind that Lvivfur badge is your only valid identification as Lvivfur member, and your only valid pass to Lvivfur events. If you fail to present your badge you will be denied access to events. Badge must be worn on a clearly visible place. You may not pass your badge to anyone. You are fully responsible in case of loss or theft of the badge.


If you have any questions about Lvivfur, and information is not available on Lvivfur site - don't hesitate to contact us (orga team)(or our email -


  1. To participate in LvivFur you must register at the official LvivFur website, pay the attendance fee and get the member badge from the staff. Registration desk is located in the hotel's hall. Permission to visit events is only granted with attendee's badge.

  2. Badge will allow you to participate in all of the LvivFur's events. Without it you won't be allowed to do so. Attendee's badge must be worn as to be clearly visible, so that the security team doesn't cast any doubt. Attendees are not allowed to give their badge to other inividuals and take full responsibility for it being lost or stolen. Badges are not subject to restoration; members may pay a fine and get a guest badge. Modification or cloaking of any of the information on badge is PROHIBITED.

  3. In case an attendee cannot come to LvivFur or their registration is canceled the staff cannot make a refund due to the fee being used to cover the rent, event or hotel expenses. However, the attendee can pass their membership to another person. To do this they need to contact the staff at least 15 days prior to the start of LvivFur and warn them about passing their membership in written form.

  4. Most of the events do not have any age restrictions. However, please note that you may be asked for documents to proof your age and identity for certain events (night club) or hotel accommodation. Staff does not hold any responsibility in case of being denied permission by the hotel's or club's administration.

  5. Personal information (such as First and Last Name, Country of Residence) is required for booking a hotel, organization of events and your security. Personal information isn't given to third parties, except for cases of its requirement for organization of events, residence, your security, and in cases specified in the legislation of Ukraine (for example, at the request of law enforcement agencies).

  6. Do not ruin the party for attendees, or else you will face warnings and fines. Respect other attendees of LvivFur. In case of display of disrespect, aggression, or provoking conflict your registration may be nullified without refunds, and you will be denied participating in any further LvivFur events. In case of emergence of conflicts you must make an effort to resolve them peacefully. If attendees can't end the conflict by themselves, it may be resolved by the staff. In such case both sides of the conflict must comply to staff's decision. Illegal actions and actions which break the Law of Ukraine or the rules of LvivFur must be reported to staff immediately.

  7. Responsibility for any damage inflicted by you is held solely by you. In case of inflicting damage you are obliged to refund it.

  8. Use common sense in your actions. In case you cross the border of common sense, you may be warned by the staff. Please comply to staff's requests and demands.

  9. Please control your feelings and treat other attendees respectfully. Take into account that attendees may not like extreme manifestations of attention (hugging, pouncing, loud greetings). Make sure that you were given an unambiguous consent to your actions. Keep moderate decency in clothing, attributes, avatars (profile pictures), art etc. Usage of fetish attributes (gags or other 18+ attributes) is strictly prohibited.

  10. Staff has the right for photo and video shooting in all places, except those forbidden by law. Attendees are only allowed to shoot photos and videos in public places (outdoors, in the hotel's hall and hallways, in the club hall, on stage).

  11. Attendees should consider the rules of the places where LvivFur events take place (hotel, club et cetera). Consider people, to whom your behavior may be shocking. In the hotel, please behave the way staff will not need to be ashamed of. Instead, please behave so as to be welcomed with pleasure the next year.

  12. Smoking is strictly forbidden in any places in the hotel, including private rooms. We strongly ask you not to smoke near fursuiters. Smoking is only allowed at designated areas outside the hotel, night club and venue of the event.

  13. Drinking alcoholic drinks in public places or bringing minors to the state of intoxication is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Everything consumed by you must stay inside of you and not affect the health or appearance of other attendees. Owning, using, and/or distribution of narcotic substances (drugs) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Such cases will be immediately reported to the police.

  14. Outsiders that don't reside at the hotel must leave its area at nighttime (from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m.). Unauthorized stay in third parties' rooms (including LvivFur attendees that don't reside at the hotel) is strictly forbidden. In case of breaking this rule, all of room's residents may be evicted without refunds. Room's residents are responsible for everything happening in their room.

  15. Rules of LvivFur and the current legislation of Ukraine are obligatory to be complied with by every attendee of LvivFur. Breaking any of them may have severe consequences (canceling the LvivFur registration, transmission of the offender to the police).
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