We announce the recruitment of volunteers at the furry convention LvivFur2018

For a bit, our convention is growing and things are getting bigger, and our team at all will not be enough, and here we are looking for fluffy, feathered, scaly helpers.


  1. Assistance to organizers in minor cases.
  2. Observance of the rules of the event and the rules of the hotel.
  3. Providing security for participants, managing and monitoring security at mass events, risk assessment, ensuring compliance with fire and medical safety rules, providing first medical aid, performing evacuation procedures.

Desired skills:

  1. Speaking languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian).
    The more so the better.
  2. Ability to use technology (projector, computer, muse equipment, etc.)
  3. Ability to coordinate activities.

If you have the desire to help us, go to the bottom of the button and fill out the registration form.

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